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as they transition to life with their child's service dog.

Tools to remind mothers they are remarkable.

Guidance in Your Journey

Mom Support

Reclaim Personal Time

Quality Gear

As a mother of a child with medical or special needs, have you ever worried about:

Feeling inadequate as a mother.
Needing extra hands.
Sleepless nights.
Feeling you’ve lost control of your life.
A lack of understanding the medical world.
Not knowing where to begin with a service dog.

STOP Doing It Alone!

Support from Mom Village

Gain strength & wisdom with support from other moms
on your same journey.

Reclaim your “Me” time

With the help of an assistance dog you can once again take that bubble bath (or at least pee in peace).

Restful nights, once again

You will no longer be the only one watching over your
child during the night, allowing you to have a more restful night’s sleep.

Help you need

Learn all the ways a service dog can help you improve
your child’s life, and in turn yours.

Guidance from start to finish

A path in obtaining & transitioning to service dog life.

Peace of mind

With extra eyes on alert you can breathe easy knowing your kiddo is in safe paws.

Superb quality dog gear

Know you are purchasing gear designed specifically with you and your family in mind.

Hands-free quick connect leashes

As a mom you know how important having your hands free in an instant is. Save time and frustration with service dog leashes designed to benefit new handlers.

 Serve other moms & children

Moms love to serve. Each purchase goes towards providing an assistance dog for a child in need.

We know what it is like to feel overwhelmed, not knowing how to help your children, and wishing someone would hand you an owner's manual. Stop trying to do it all yourself and learn the tools to help you become the magnificent mom (you already are).

Check out how this path has benefited mom's just like you.

Mom Village

I find a lot of comfort in talking to other moms dealing   with the same day-to-day troubles as me.   It's very   helpful to be able to get insight and ideas, that haven't occurred to me, for problems which other Mamas have already figured out.
- Kimberly

Service Dogs

Having an assistance animal has been life changing. There is a bond that can develop between a child and an animal that is unlike anything a human can give. It can foster feelings of safety, security, comfort and being understood.
- Heather

Hound Gear

What a genius invention!!!! I train dogs with behavioral problems. What a difference it made in NOT ONLY the strain on my back from dogs trying to pull, but the design gave me BETTER CONTROL. The dogs’ behavior was modified with just the design of the product. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is training a dog or has a service animal.
- Stephanie

New Hound Life Brand Logo

YOUR PATH... to Becoming the Incredible Mother You Are

At New Hound Life we know you want to be the best mom for your children. In order to be that, you need to feel you have a grasp on this parenting thing. The problem is kids do not come with owner manuals (dang it) and sometimes unexpected special care or other medical needs arise, causing you to feel lost, alone, overwhelmed, and failing as a mother. We believe all mothers should have every opportunity to find joy in motherhood no matter their circumstances. That’s why we provide guidance to tools given by God, to lighten your load, namely assistance dogs (more commonly know as service dogs).
Here’s how it works:

Step 1:
Join Mom Village

Find support among mothers in your same boat.

Step 2:
Pair with a Service Dog

Receive guidance to successfully obtain
& transition to life with a service dog for your child.

Step 3:
Become the Incredible
Mother You Are

Find the love, peace, and joy in Motherhood
you have been longing for.